Available in 2014, CSA’s new product, scoutPRO® Coaching Edition, promises to disrupt the athletic recruitment and coaching scenes.  America’s sports industry is rich with data, and CSA is compiling that data into meaningful measurements that will make the coaching and recruiting industry more competitive and efficient into the future.  In fact, scoutPRO Coaching Edition is the only scouting and game planning system that combines historical tendencies and subjective experience to identify and prioritize the strengths and weaknesses of recruits, a football team and game day opponents.  Click here to request a quote and be one of the first teams to use this industry-first software.

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scoutPRO Coaching Edition includes the following three modules to meet the needs of every football program:

Precision Playbook
Having the right team is a great start to a winning season. But, without the ability to fully understand and leverage your team’s strengths and skills versus your opponents, the battle is only half won.  It’s important to have the best data and analysis at your fingertips when making big, potentially game-defining decisions. However, the overwhelming amount of data available today makes game planning a long, complex, and arduous process.

The Precision Playbook module helps college and NFL coaches prepare for the gridiron by automating game preparation, which reduces time and expense.  Precision Playbook allows coaches to define skills, rules and parameters for building game plans and automatically adjust game plans based on injuries, substitutions and weather.  Further, the system allows coaches to analyze players and Identify situation specific plays based on opponent strengths and weaknesses.

Today, high school sports aren’t void of talent.  The challenge lies in culling through the talent to identify the best “fit” for your collegiate team.  Each team has unique factors it needs to measure its recruits against – from historical performance to academic achievement. The SMARTscout – Collegiate module helps college coaches find best “fit” recruits by allowing you to rate recruits on individual skill levels, track and integrate available player data, and more.  Moreover, SMARTscout gives coaches the ability to customize skills and importance of skills based on their schemes and systems.

PROdraft – coming spring 2014
The competitive nature of professional sports is at an all-time high, and as a result, drafting breakout talent should be as data-driven and technical as possible.  The PROdraft – NFL module helps NFL coaches secure best “fit” players by reviewing past performance indicators and identifying skills important to their schemes and style.  The interactive, web-based system predicts how players will perform and facilitates consensus among coaching staffs.

**While the scoutPRO Coaching Edition is currently designed for football coaches, we’ll be developing versions for basketball and baseball in the near future.  Click here to request a quote.